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       Jining art star wanda office professional children's dance school is located in jining city center,Is the economy kauniainen professional children's dance education institutions, approved by the civil affairs bureau and the sports bureau,Is approved by the shandong province cultural department China WuXie Chinese dance employs the organiser,School for ten years,Two campus has ancient wanda and nearly five thousand square meters of the classroom,The size of the school has reached thousands of students,For school5By the civil affairs bureau rated4ALevel unit of social organization。

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       4Years old:Chinese dance initiation:Music、The story、Game type Have fun in teaching To cultivate students interest in dance。6Years old:High-end royal ballet elementary curriculum:Let students have more temperament,Correcting kyphosis、Within eight words and other bad habits。8Years old:Chinese dance employs courses:Through learning Chinese dance training body coordination,And earning the distinction of state certification certificate。10Years old:National folk dancing courses。By studying national folk dancing,Understand the national culture of China,At the same time improve the performance of consciousness。12Years old:Social dancing courses:Ballet training form、The collective consciousness training、Physical coordination、Action uniformity、Beauty is consistent, etc。15Years old:Solo dance lessons:Basic skills courses、Training for personal expression、Strong consciousness to express themselves,With the basic skills to better show themselves。



Ballet formBallet form

Ballet form



Children's danceChildren's dance

Children's dance

            The school every year for the children to provide platform to show them,Let the children wonderful bloom on the stage! Art star special shows every year、Shandong youth dance competition、Jining city dance competition、The annual children's Spring Festival gala recording will see the shadow of art students,Through the exercise opportunity,To get the kids to enhance self-confidence,Brave to express themselves、Show yourself!Learn in specification、Standard、Professional dance at the same time,Can also experience the pleasure of dance!School quality achievement,Professional achievements of the future!  

       Children's dance school、Chinese dance、Strength、Kiki ballet classes, etc,School teachers strength is abundant,Teachers graduated from Beijing dance academy,Shandong green dry by the college of art and other well-known colleges and universities in shandong province,For ten years,School for its rigorous teaching way,Highly responsible attitude of teaching,Rich and colorful education content,Get the support of parents of students and social people from all walks of life and recognition。Choose art star dance let children become the pride of you!In the art star meet nice of you!

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