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The expert database administration of production safety in liaoning province
Safe production comprehensive regulatory information
Safety bureau agency management in liaoning province
The occupational health technical service institutions information management system

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A Beijing project5Days2A deadly accident,This4A lesson, please check!The highest was found5Years10Months!4The safety in production areas“The reduced cohesion”A typical case!Yunnan competitive kratos wenshan-malipo strike-slip power engineering co., LTD“1·05”Power line moved to larger engineering tower collapsed accident investigation reportLarge urban complex to escape methodThe catalogs of occupational-disease-inductive factorsThe national safety supervision administration office about implementation 《Construction project occupational-disease-prevention facilities“Three at the same time” Supervision and management measures》The noticeThe provincial work-safety bureau about the implementation 《Construction project occupational-disease-prevention facilities“Three at the same time” Supervision and management measures》The noticeConstruction project occupational disease hazards risk classification management directoryConstruction project occupational-disease-prevention facilities“Three at the same time”Supervision and management measures
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The committee office of the state council on new mining, benxi, liaoning province dragon mountain iron mine“6・5”Major explosive accidents and major accidents in mines in recent years
Operation operation certificate is fake special management action to inform
Major production safety accidents is investigated for overseeing notice
About to submit the metal non-metal mines Equipment and process performance
National security supervision bureau general office about the meeting The coal mine to curb shift working meeting notice
National security supervision bureau about print and distribute 《Dishonest ACTS joint punishment for safety in production field The measures for its implementation》The notice
Regarding the work safety committee of the state council Safety production“Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in”The planning and implementation work
The committee office of the state council about Hunan zhuzhou city remote JiLinQiao mining company “5·7”Suffocation accidents reported significant poisoning
About to carry out2017In the country“Safety production month”And“Production safety tour”Activities of the notice
Technical articles
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Production safety ten banTen ban for fire and explosion preventionTo prevent the poisoning choke stipulated in article 10Welders ten welding principleLifting“10 don't lift”Safety in production hidden danger classification daquan!Enterprise practical self checking self-reported checklistWhat kind of phenomenon、Devices exist hidden dangers?The list is straightforward!Occupational-disease-inductive told cardAnd to the electrical fire season must learn prevention knowledge

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